Monday, May 19, 2014

JSON and JQuery

Hey Gang,

Our updated project source code is located here.  Some of the recent changes have been adding normalize.css, data.js and JQuery to our project.
If you remember from a theory Monday class, normalize.css makes cross browser compatibility much easier.  Take our word for it, it will save us many headaches down the road.
Data.js is the data that we are going to use for the inventory of our website.  It is actually just a JSON blob assigned to the variable 'inventory'.  We will be able to use this blob of data for keeping track of the inventory on our website.  We might create a shopping cart JSON blob later.  Try out JSON Lint to create some JSON if you don't have practice.  This data format maps DIRECTLY to Javascript objects and is a big part of object oriented javascript, a pretty hot job skill of late.
JQuery is going to make our javascript worlds cleaner, easier to understand overall a whole lot cooler.  Mondays class will dig into JQuery a little further.

Hope to see you all in class!